Gift Manufacturers in Bangalore

Where do you get 3D models in Bangalore? How are they made?

Gift Manufacturers in Bangalore

Gifting is one of the best ways to show your love and appreciation to someone. Be it corporate gifts or personal gifts, there is no doubt that everyone loves getting gifts. There is a wide range of gifting options in the market including corporate gifts. While personal gifts and corporate gifts are very different, there are times when some gifts can be used for both purposes. There is no dearth of gift manufacturers in Bangalore and almost all of them offer corporate and personal gifts. But regular gifts can get quite boring at times and that’s when the need for a quirky and interesting gifts comes up. There is one such novelty item in the market that many are not aware of, it is the human clone also known as 3D print model.

So what are these Human clones or 3D print models? These are miniature inanimate clones of real people. These make for really funny and interesting gifts. They can not only be utilised for personal gifting purpose but they can also be utilised for corporate gifting. These clones add that personal touch to the gift and the person you are gifting it to will sure crack a smile.

How are they made and where do you get them?

There are not many gift manufacturers that make these human clones in Bangalore but thankfully, we offer them. We offer  customised 3D printing of real people which results in miniature clones. The process involved in this is quite simple. You just have to visit our studio and get your picture taken if you are getting the clone for yourself. If the clone is for someone else or if you are just unable to visit the studio, you can just send us a picture and we will take care of the rest. The process will take a couple of days and you can collect or get your human clone doll delivered to you in a matter of a couple of days. The dolls are made with high quality material and bear a striking resemblance to the real person.
Other than 3D printing service, we also offer a wide range of corporate and personal gifting services. Most of our gift options can be customised to suit the requirement of the client. We also do offer bulk corporate and personal gifts that can be customised.

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