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What’s the technology behind UV print gifts?

Gift Manufacturers in Bangalore
Gone are the days when gifts meant soft toys, decoratives, certificates, cash coupons, and boring mementos and trophies. The gifting world has witnessed a revolution over the last couple of years and there are a wide range of unique gifts available in the market as a result of that. One such gift is a UV print gift. Only a few gift manufacturers in Bangalore offer this type of gift. UV print gifts can come in various materials such as wood, glass, crystal and more. One thing all the gifts have in common regardless of the type of gift is that they all have UV print on them. So what exactly UV print gifts? What is the technology involved? What kind of gifts do they make? Who can you gift it to? Where can you find UV Print gifts in Bangalore? Read on to find out!

UV Print technology for gifts

UV print gifts basically utilizes the technology of UV Print on metal, wood, glass, crystal, and other materials in order to make the gift happen. With UV print technology, you can get anything printed from a picture to wordings on a material with extreme precision and speed. This is a form of digital printing that uses Ultraviolet light to cure the ink or dry the ink as the printing is happening on a certain material. This technology is brilliant for printing on materials such as wood as the ink dries before it has a chance to spread, hence, making the print very fine and clear. This technology was initially used for quick drying nail polish and is now being utilised for industrial and other commercial purposes.

UV Print gifts are amazing because one can get custom made gifts that are not only special but are also of high quality. The print survives on the gift as long as the gift itself. The USP being that you can get the gift customised according to your wish. These make for amazing corporate gifts where in you can get your employee’s name printed on a pendrive or have the company name and logo on a crystal gift to gift to clients.
Coming to the next question- where do you get such gifts in Bangalore? We at Blue Crystal offer UV Print gifts on crystal, wood, pendrive, and glass. These gifts can be customised according to your wish either for corporate gifting or personal gifting.

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