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Crystals are the perfect choice of corporate gifting item that is suitable for any corporate events. Most of the Customized Awards made from crystals are considered as the best way of appreciating and recognizing employees. Likewise, most companies prefer to choose Memento Corporate Gifts as a prize to present it as a form of recognition and recognition for the effort of their workers. The elegant looks of crystal gifts are the foremost thing that makes the companies prefer crystal as recognition awards. The crystal awards are crafted artistically in different designs, available in striking color combination and can also be engraved using Inside Lasers with inspiring lines, logos, and company name. The glass awards like Memento Corporate Gifts are similar to crystals, but glass is slightly delicate to handle compared to crystal awards.

2D Photo Into 3D Crystal – Converting
This process is a brilliant and unique way in which you can create awesome gifts and rewards. Using sophisticated techniques, the photos will be modeled in a three-dimensional layout. The 3D Laser Engrave would form a finest and impressive gift product that companies can present it to employees.  Blue Crystals Corporate Gifts Manufacturers in bangalore offers good quality and well-designed crystal and other range of products that can be gifted for any occasion. Customized Trophies are also best chosen corporate gifts nowadays. With good quality photos, it becomes easy to imprint it into crystal using the highest quality standards. Make sure that when you load your photo, it is well lit, with a high resolution and not blurry.

How are 3D laser images made?
Photo crystals are made using a special laser that fixes its strenuous light beams to an exact spot below the surface of the crystal. Each light spot in the image is plotted on the final piece of crystal. Then, the Inside Laser Technology focuses on a high power beam at each three-dimensional coordinate. Once the beam reaches the focal point, the powerful laser pulse makes a small vacuum or inclusion inside the crystal. Then it is moved to the next coordinate making another to get Laser Engraved 3D Image. Finally, enough points are produced to reproduce the design inside the crystal. As laser beams are non-invasive, there are no marks or stains on the surface of the glass. When viewed from any angle, the intricate design looks like a three-dimensional sculpture.

Photos Into 2D Crystal
Photographs can instantaneously bring the life’s special moment back. 2D crystals bring those moments that are worth remembering in a very special way. With 2D Memento Corporate Gifts product companies can present it to employees as a token of appreciation. Not only mementos, but Customized Crystal Trophies are also presented on any corporate occasion along with excellent certification which can be ordered from the store like Blue Crystals, one of the popular Corporate Gift Manufacturers In Bangalore. To these crystal gifts, captions or inspiring words or company logo or name can also be added as specified.

Where to Choose – Corporate Gifts
There are many Gift Manufacturers In Bangalore, among such Blue Crystals are the leading supplier and manufacturers of corporate gifting products. Choose the best crystal of 100% flawless that suitable for the purpose for which you are buying it. From Manufacturer Of Crystal Trophy, you can find the best crafted inside lasers Trophies that will make an ideal choice for complimenting employees for their hard work and achievement. It is always good to buy crystals from best manufacturers in Bangalore like Blue Crystals. From Blue Crystals, you can choose the best in quality crystal trophies that are well-crafted in a unique design and pattern.

Crystals are the perfect choice of corporate gifting item that is suitable for any corporate events. From Blue Crystals Corporate Gifts Manufacturers in bangalore, companies can choose perfectly designed and wide-range of products for any occasion type.

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