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Party favors- What kind of return gifts to choose for what occasion?


Gift Manufacturers In Bangalore

Sure, there is no dearth of gifting options when it comes to corporate and personal events. For corporate events, anything from customised mementos to trophies work. And for personal events, the range of gifts is so wide that we can’t even cover it here. But what about options for party favors? Party favor is a small gift given to guests who come to a party as a thank you for attending the party. Though party favors weren’t that famous before, they are getting quite common nowadays. Party favors are usually handed out at birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, anniversary celebrations, retirement parties, and holiday gatherings. It can get quite confusing as to what party favor to hand out, that’s why we are here. We have curated a list of special party favors to hand out to your guests for each occasion.

What party favors for what occasion?

Deciding what party favors to hand out for what occasion can be tough, we won’t deny. There are numerous gift manufacturers in Bangalore that offer gifts that can be used as party favors. So here is a guide to help you out for the same. And some of these party favors do not have to be handed out immediately. You can always send it across to them later over mail or hand it to them personally.

  • Birthdays- The best party favors to hand out on birthdays are goodie bags and novelty items. The goodie bags can be filled with snacks, trinkets, accessories, organic products, and a thank you note. Photo frames, desktop decoratives, customised pens, and similar novelty  items make for amazing party favors for birthdays.
  • Weddings- Your wedding day is one of the biggest day of your life and you can’t go without thanking your friends and family for sharing the same with you. While some prefer to hand out hand made stuff as wedding party favors, not everyone has that kind of time and creativity. Scented candles, cocktail glasses, fancy candy bags, small champagne bottles, customised coasters, wall hangings, and small plants serve as good wedding party favors to name a few.
  • Baby shower- When it comes to baby shower party favors, we will always go for the cute and trendy stuff. We are thinking customised key chains, tiny wine bottles, coffee mugs, cookie jars, nail polishes in pink or blue.
  • Bridal shower – It is important to be fun and innovative with party favors when it comes to bridal showers. Your girlfriends would have gone through a lot of trouble to arrange the bridal shower, it is only fair you show them some love with interesting party favors. Handmade soaps, scented candles, dainty jewelry, small lamps, customised tee shirts, mini makeup/nail polish sets,  customised wine glasses, fancy treats in a mason jar, and in some cases a voucher to a spa day make for amazing return gifts!

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