customise crystal trophies

How to customise crystal trophies?


customise crystal trophies

Crystal corporate gifts are quite popular nowadays. The world of corporate gifting is no longer sticking to the same old trophies and mementos. It’s true, that most of these trophies and awards don’t really come for much use but at least they can look pretty and add to the aesthetics of a place. But how can you make these awards interesting? It’s simple, by customising them! Customised gifts have a huge market since they can be changed to suit everyone’s gifting requirements. The best kind of corporate gifts currently out there is crystal trophies. There are quite a few corporate gift manufacturers in Bangalore that offer these gifts.

What are the best ways to customise a crystal trophy? We all know about the usual ways but there are so many other methods many are unaware of. Let us take a look into some of the best ways to customise a crystal trophy.

How to customise your crystal trophy?

Here are different ways you can customise a crystal trophy for corporate gifting purposes:

  • Shape of the trophy- Companies like Blue Crystal already offer a wide range of crystal trophies. These trophies come in different shapes ranging from two shaking hands to ones in the shape of the Eiffel tower. If you are not happy with the awards they already have, you can get one made in a shape you desire. Maybe one in the shape of a pen with a star on it for a writer. Or the letter ‘S’ with a star on it for your star performer.
  • Details of the trophy- The best part about customising crystal trophies is adding details to it. Be it engravings on the trophy or a small motif on top of the trophy, little details can change the look immensely. Adding details is the perfect way to customise a trophy without changing it too much.
  • Colours- Likewise, one can also customise their trophies by changing the colour of the trophy. Colour crystal trophies look absolutely gorgeous as a result of their light reflecting material. Coloured trophies in blue, yellow, green, and red look amazing sitting on a shelf and are far away from boring trophies.
  • Messages- It is common practise to engrave messages on trophies. but how about customising it with personal messages? Special messages on trophies add that personal touch to a trophy. You can choose from inspirational quotes, heartfelt thankful messages, personal messages, and more to make a crystal trophy look much better.

Size of the trophy- Not every trophy needs to be humungous to make a difference. It’s not the size of the trophy that matters, it’s how it looks. So you can stick with small trophies that are big enough to pass off as a desktop accessory. Or if you prefer to be loud and bold, you can always go with a big trophy that’s edgy.

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