Customized awards for your best employee!

Your employees work so hard and it is only fair that they get appreciated for it and at times, a few appreciative words just won’t suffice. That’s the very reason we have award ceremonies, to reward our best and show them how appreciative we are of what they do for us. Usually the way award ceremonies go, the recipient is awarded with a certificate and a generic trophy or memento. While this is nice, it lacks the personal touch. What if we told you you can add a personal touch to the awards without having to do much? Allow us to explain.

Customized mementos and awards for employees

There are quite a few corporate gift manufacturers in Bangalore that offer a wide range of generic and custom made gifts to corporate houses. Customized awards and mementos are regular mementos and awards that can be custom made to a certain shape, size, and colour. The customer can even get whatever they want printed on the award or memento. This is a great way to include a motivational quote on the award or get the award shaped into a sports item of the recipient’s favourite sport.

Blue Crystal 3D Engrave Pvt Ltd

Blue Crystal 3D Engrave Pvt Ltd is a gift manufacturer in Bangalore that offers a wide range of personal and corporate gifts. The place also offers corporate gifts that can be customized according to the gifter’s wishes. Here are gifts that you can customize to suit your requirements:

  • Customised crystal trophies- The company offers crystal trophies that can be customised according the customer’s wishes. These crystal gifts come in different shapes and sizes. These gifts are best suited for corporate gifting but if you are creative enough, you can even customise these gifts accordingly to make it into a personal gift for someone.
  • Personalised gifts- The company also offers personalised gifts in glass that can be remodified as the customer wishes. Get a picture of and your beau printed on a heart shaped glass and gift it for your wedding anniversary.
  • Customisable corporate gifts- Blue Crystal has a range of regular corporate gift items such as keychains, mugs, calendars, jackets, tee shirts, bags, and more that can be customised with the employee’s name, company’s name, logo, or team name to personalise it. Most of these gifts are from premium brands and the customer can choose the colour and brand.

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